My Beautiful Life and Yoga

Isn’t Graham so cute working out with me? He asks me everyday if we can work out. 🙂

I’m doing a 21-day “Valentine Sprint” health challenge thru Terrafit and today was Yoga day. I chose an hour long video and fell in love with Yoga! I’ve done a “power yoga” before but this was so different!

The slow fluid movements, the stretching, breathing, really “working it” without jumping around like a crazy banshee! It feels really good for my body! And surprisingly peaceful. I get why people love it! Continue reading

Essential Oils and Congestion


Before I started using oils I always felt anxious and helpless when my kids got sick.
I felt like my only option was to “wait it out” and it was awful to see my little family so miserable! Now I love that I can ease the discomfort and help the body recover quicker with oils. I have an arsenal of tools at my fingertips and I feel empowered and confident using them.

This little one woke up super congested yesterday with a ton of nasty nose “gunk”. Here’s what I used all day to help him recover quickly! He woke up this morning completely cleared up and happy! ❤ Continue reading