My Beautiful Life and Yoga

Isn’t Graham so cute working out with me? He asks me everyday if we can work out. 🙂

I’m doing a 21-day “Valentine Sprint” health challenge thru Terrafit and today was Yoga day. I chose an hour long video and fell in love with Yoga! I’ve done a “power yoga” before but this was so different!

The slow fluid movements, the stretching, breathing, really “working it” without jumping around like a crazy banshee! It feels really good for my body! And surprisingly peaceful. I get why people love it!

Anyways, my MIL (my accountability partner) challenged me to take some photos of myself today during the workout. It’s extra work on top of working out, which I don’t look forward to anyways, but I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a go!  I setup my tripod, set my iPhone to selfie mode, turned on the 10 second timer and let Graham have a hayday pushing the button throughout the workout. 😂

So there I am doing the workout, struggling thru the newness, high-fiving Graham when he nails a pose, handing Finn toys that he finds hilarious to drop mid downward dog… Graham pushes the camera button and as I look up I see the image being created. Sun rays pouring into the room (like only a camera can catch), my boys jumping and playing and smiling — and suddenly I see it…

Holy crap…my life is beautiful!

I mean I know it, deep down, that I’m so blessed and my life is incredible, but a lot of the time I’m just trudging along trying to keep my head above water, tired and exhausted, and way too “in it” to see it for what it is. A beautiful mess, a memorable very important stage, a gift, a lot of chaos — but absolutely incredible!

*The endorphins have kicked in… man they’re good at their job!*


Life is happening right in front of me, ordinary, gritty, rough-around-the-edges life, and sometimes it just takes doing something a little outside of the norm to see the beauty in it.

Don’t worry…I’m still living in the real world over here. There are toys strewn all over my house, I’ll be in my workout clothes until I can find time to jump in the shower tonight, Graham is currently throwing a fit because he wants to toss a yoga mat into the air and have it magically roll itself up. Oh, and it’s 4:58 ad dinner isn’t even started. But I’m feeling extra thankful today for my life and the stage we’re in and I’m intentionally looking for all of the sweet moments and beauty among the mess.

Life is good.


I challenge you to look for those “in between” beautiful moments today! They’re there, I promise!

❤ Gisele

Ps. Happy Valentines Day!


One thought on “ My Beautiful Life and Yoga

  1. bruceplympton says:

    He looks like he’s having a good time and more importantly quality time with his mom and learning some new things about life. Good for you guys! 

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