Get Messy – Season of Art 101 (Week 1)

blog-header-imageIt feels so good to be art journaling again and stretching my creative muscles! Ah!

I’m jumping back in just in time to participate in the Get Messy Art Journal Community “Season of Art 101”. 

faces-week-1-cropOne of the awesome things about the Get Messy community is all of the incredible artists and the tutorials that they create. This week the incredible Vanessa did a fun tutorial on using a medium called Gouache to create faces. Gouache is kind of a mix between watercolor and acrylic in nature and because of this, it’s a bit pricey. I got so excited to try her techniques that I ran over to Hobby Lobby and bought the very cheap set they had available. $9 with a coupon. Let’s just say it probably isn’t really “gouache”. It didn’t have the same strong pigmentation that I saw in the tutorial but I still had fun creating faces and squeezing paint out of the little tubes. 😉 Maybe someday I’ll invest in a nice set of colors from Windsor and Newton, M. Graham, or Holbein.

balloon-soulmates-week-1Sometimes I get a random thought in my head and my art journal is the place where I can just go with it before it escapes forever. I found some fun jars of gold leaf and colored paint chips on clearance at Joann fabric so of course I had to try them out. I have no idea how it’s supposed to be used but I like how this “random thought” page turned out. 🙂

pretty-little-thoughts-week-1I’ve been working on bringing all of my craft supplies from the basement up to my new craft room and as I was sorting/discarding/organizing I came across this assortment of papers and stickers and was immediately inspired to create this page. I love when that happens!  And I love when the poetry just flows into my head to go along with a page. …finishing touches.

“Pretty little thoughts of dreams

Hanging on pretty little strings

Which one will I pull?”

watercolor-play-week-1This week we were challenged to really play with watercolor without expectations to see what we could do with this particular medium. It was fun to create new images and play with my different brushes but I think my favorite is the colorful fingerprint image!

That’s it for this week! I hope you have an awesome weekend!

❤ Gisele


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