January Ipsy Bag Review


I got an Ipsy subscription for Christmas and it’s the perfect gift! I’m a gift lover by nature so receiving a package in the mail each month is my fave! Also, I’m a mom of two littles which means that I don’t get ready 90% of the time and, when I do, I use the same stuff I’ve been using for years. The truth is, I used to feel overwhelmed by beauty products and I consider myself somewhat low maintenance, but I’m so excited to see what’s out there and play around with makeup when I take time for myself.

The cool thing about Ipsy is that it’s just $10/month and you get a fun zippered “glam bag” containing five products to try, some of which are full-sized products. They offer a month to month subscription or an annual subscription for a discount. Oh, and you can also earn points to get free product by reviewing the items you get each month and by inviting friends to try it. 



If you do decide to check it out, make sure you fill out the beauty survey so you’re more likely to get stuff you’ll love! That being said, there’s bound to be some items you just don’t love, but at this price I don’t feel super guilty for passing along an item or two. The fun thing is that I’m learning what I do and don’t like! 

So without further ado…

My January Glam Bag: january-ipsy-bag-contents

  • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
  • Pacifica Blushious (in “Wildrose”)
  • Trust Fund Beauty Gloss (in “Method to the Madness”)
  • Pretty Woman Nail Polish (in “I’m Not a Ballerina”)
  • Jelly Pong Pong Coffee + Coconut Lip Scrub




bb-creamSmashbox Camera Ready BB Cream 

This came at the perfect time! I read an article last month about what makeup Zooey Deschanel loves and BB cream was on the list…I don’t even know how I found the article…oh wait, yes I do. I was researching LipSense, which led me to other long-lasting lip stuff, which led me to an article about Jessica Day’s lip color…which led me to this article. Ah, see…all my brain power used for such a great purpose. *rolls eyes* Anyways, I’ve been wanting to try BB cream so this was exciting for me!

And now…I’m in love with BB Cream! It’s super light coverage so you’re not covering up your natural skin tones completely, which looks more natural. AND it leaves you with this natural “dewey” fresh look. I mean…I totally look like Jessica Day, right? Ha. But seriously…my hubby even noticed and approved. (That could be because on most days I look like a wild monkey…you know the ones with the crazy hair sticking up in all directions?) Whatever, I’ll take his compliment. 😉 

The only CON of BB cream is that if you’re breaking out I don’t think it’s going to cover up bright red blemishes…so I’ll be keeping my mineral powder for those days. 🙂

Would I buy this again? Absolutely yes!



Pacifica Blushious (in “Wildrose”) 

This is almost identical in color to the blush/bronzer I use everyday so it’s a winner in my book! PLUS…that container! *total heart eyes!*

Would I buy this again? Yep!



trust-fund-lip-glossTrust Fund Beauty Gloss 

I’m a total gloss girl by nature. Low-maintenance, adding a little bit of color without looking totally made up and easy to apply without a mirror… This gloss is nice. I’m not in love by any means but it’s a nice light gloss with a light pigment. The color isn’t perfect for me. It goes on a little more pink than I’m used to but I used a really light neutral ShadowSense to highlight parts of my lips, then applied (trying to copy the Ipsy tutorial) and it looked awesome while it lasted, which wasn’t long…since it’s a gloss. 🙂 

Would I buy this again? Maybe in a different color, but probably not. It didn’t blow me away.

lip-scrubJelly Pong Pong Coffee + Coconut Lip Scrub 

This stuff smells incredible and I love that the grains are small enough to stay on your lips while you’re exfoliating. It seems gentle enough while still getting the job done. This is a winner in my book! I’ve used some scrubs that use giant “crystals” and the scrub falls off before I can use the product properly or my lips feel like they’re being ripped off. 

Would I buy this again? Yes. It’s not one of my staple items but if I was in the market for a scrub I would purchase this again. 

nail-polishPretty Woman “I’m Not a Ballerina” 

The color is a powdery pale pink. I would never pick this color for myself, it’s too…feminine, fragile, petite. Is there a gangly awkward girl pink? Ha! Despite the color being off for me I have to admit that it exceeded my expectations.

Dries quickly. Satin finish. No chips on day 1, which is above average in my experience of normal polish. (I’m an over-washer and SUPER hard on my nails!) I’m currently on day 4 and it’s chipping/wearing at the base of the nail bed and on the tips but still looking acceptable so it’s lasting about the same as my Sally Hansen Gel Polish.  

Polish Tip: Before painting, use a file to scuff up the top of your nails a bit before painting. This helps the polish grab onto something. 

Polish Tip: Paint the tip/edge or your nail to help prevent chipping. 

Would I buy this again? Yes, surprisingly. Definitely in a different color but i’m impressed. 

That’s it for now! Overall I would rate this bag with 4 stars. The bag is great, the items all had super adorable packaging and I found a few products that I’d purchase again! Yay!


What do you think? Which product would you want to try? Let me know in the comments! 

Wishing you a fabulously glamorous day! 

❤ Gisele




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