Happy 4th, my son!


Last weekend we threw our first “friend” birthday party for Graham! It was completely chaotic at times but it was such a wonderful day! It was everything we could have hoped for! All but one family attended, every kid got a swing at the pinata, the cake looked and tasted incredible, the weather was better than I could have dreamed up for a late October day, and while all of our recent discussions about being grateful and saying thank you may have been the furthest thing from Graham’s mind, I’m gonna go ahead and say that he did pretty good opening his many generously given gifts! ….I could have facilitated the gift opening in a better/more organized and intentional way but overall we’ll call the day a total win!


I am sitting here reflecting and I have to say that I am just in awe and really beautifully overwhelmed by the amazing people in our life who showed up to celebrate with us! Graham was just ecstatic to be running around with so many friends, and of course didn’t grasp the gravity of it all, but I did. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that he is so loved….really, that we are so loved and cared for by so many amazing friends and family members! I’m am really so grateful, feel completely spoiled and honored by the whole day.

Thank you, thank you to everyone that made Graham feel so special on his big day!!

And with that, my baby is 4!! (To be honest, I’m still wondering if I’m going to like this whole being 4 thing….the last few weeks leading up to 4 have been some of the most difficult in parenting thus far…but we’re adjusting and we’re going to find our footing again…I hope….I pray…please let it be soon!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

4 …. we can totally do this!

Graham, we love you so much big guy!

bday-cake-shoutout With a cake like this I felt no need to decorate the rest of my house. 😉

A special shoutout to my friend Tiffany who owns The Wildflour Bakery and made Graham’s cake! She was absolutely incredible and the cake was PERFECT!! If you’re local and need a cake for an event you should definitely check her out…she does it ALL!!

I hope your weekend is fabulous and everything you need it to be!





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