My Top 10 Favorite Things About Outdoor Concerts

Dixie Chicks Concert Pics

This weekend I joined some friends at our local outdoor venue, USANA, to see the Dixie Chicks in concert. The arena was insanely packed, the entertainment was fabulous and there was lots of laughter and great conversation.

It’s crazy to think that I first started listening to Dixie Chicks over 15 years ago! Everybody sing along, “…I’m getting older, too”, but seriously.

I don’t think I would’ve gone to the concert had my girlfriends not set it up but I’m so glad I did. Memories of my teenage self singing those songs, feeling every word so deep in my soul. It was a good reminder of how much I’ve grown, how much life has changed, and then again, how much that little girl is still very present inside me. And it reminded me that I still love their music!

I love concerts and the energy that surrounds big events and cheering people. I just soak it all in and feel super-charged. ūüôā I started thinking about what I love and find humorous about concerts. So without further ado, my top 10 favorite¬†things about outdoor (USANA) concerts in no particular order:

  1. Dancing barefoot in the grass to awesome live music under the stars.
  2. When a breeze blows right when the song¬†crescendos and you totally get chills..because that’s just awesome.
  3. Sitting really close to strangers on a sliver of grass.
  4. Watching drunk people dance. Also watching old people dance. Oh,¬†and the men standing like statues next to their wives…halfway through the concert they too have been taken over by the beat.
  5. When the band stops singing during the chorus and fan voices fill the air, connecting  you to thousands of people, singing lyrics that have touched you all in different ways over the years.
  6. Singing as loud as you want and mumbling the words you don’t know because no one can hear you anyways.
  7. The two hour line to get out of the parking lot …meaning you get even more time to catch up with friends and laugh about old memories.
  8. Having to hold your beer the whole time so it doesn’t get kicked over means¬†no thinking about what to do with your arms. (Total win for other “arm akwards” like me) …I totally just made up that term…
  9. The way you can only interpret half of what your friends say by lip-reading but you nod and smile while you try to figure the rest out.
  10. The way your throat is raw the next morning from screaming, singing and cheering.

Aren’t concerts fun!?

What’s your favorite thing about concerts? Leave your comment below!


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