Get Messy: Season of Happy (week 6)

Gisele GM Happy Week 6Well, this was the last week of the Season of Happy and it has been so much fun! It’s funny how thinking about happiness really makes me think about other emotions and my state of being..what matters in life vs what I let affect me in life and so on. I probably say it too often, but that’s what I love about art journaling…it really makes me reflect on my life. Happiness is a word that gives me mixed emotions (writing that makes me realize the irony) and I like that my pages this season have shown a little of my internal struggle with it. 

This last page was a combination of multiple prompts from the last two weeks. It was interesting thinking about what made me happy as a child. I went through old memorabilia and read little notes that my mom wrote in books about my personality and favorite things. At the end of the day, I think my favorite things, while I loved my cabbage patch doll, were the everyday times spent together, the personal connection, the new experiences…not the physical things my parents bought for me.  It really made me think about my own children and what really matters in the long run. It also reminded of the reason that I document bits and pieces of our lives…because in 10, 20, 30 years, I will not remember as much of these precious times. And there’s something grounding about hearing about your childhood, your memories that you really just remember from photos and family retelling stories…what shaped you into who you are today. It’s certainly not necessary to happiness or to living fully, but it’s a gift I can give my children and something that I really enjoy. So win-win!

And another side note…looking through photos also reminded me to get in the photo!! It’s so much easier these days but I noticed that I have so many more pictures as a child with my dad than with my mom…but, regardless, I always know that she’s the one behind the camera. 🙂

So…when I finally created my page, I printed out some of my favorite memories as a child…things my memory book told me I loved, things I remember loving, and the funny thing is that they all had red in them. Now, granted, my dad apparently had a thing for red stripes (which I absolutely love…and those short shorts! Haha), but there are other red details as well. And I normally wouldn’t categorize red as a happy color to me, but looking at this pictures, it certainly has a place in the happiness scale of colors now.

I’m excited for the next season of Get Messy starting in April and I’m hoping to finish a few projects that I’ve had on the back burner the last few weeks…we’ll see what happens. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Get Messy: Season of Happy (week 6)

  1. Bruce Plympton says:

    Funny, judging from these pictures you’d think I only wore one shirt all the time. Good memories, thanks for sharing some of our time in Sacramento.

    Liked by 1 person

    • giselechastain says:

      Haha! Love you dad! It must’ve been a favorite and comfortable! The funny thing is, I’m sure Graham and Finn will have tons of pics with Nate’s orange zombie t-shirt since he wears it all the time at home. 🙂


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