Get Messy: Season of Happy (week 5)

Watermelon hues completeLast week I was only able to complete one page for the Get Messy prompt but I’m happy with what I was able to create.

In creating this page I was searching for an item that makes me happy…a favorite something of mine to use for my page, and after some time I realized that my  sunglasses are one of my favorite things and make me feel good…

The happy watermelon color makes me feel good about myself even when I have no makeup on and my hair is a mess. They remind me of summer and warmth and happy memories. They’re actually the 2nd pair I’ve purchased in this color…gotta love $10 sunglasses! And then I realized that I must really love this color, because although I’m not necessarily a “pink” person…there’s a lot of “watermelon” in my closet…it makes me happy. The sun and spring and warmer weather makes me so so so happy as well…just the thought of it makes my heart a little lighter.

insta watermelonI started with a photo that I snapped quickly in the backyard of myself in my watermelon glasses and a watermelon striped tank top and then I used Photoshop to desaturate all of the other colors. I had randomly created the left side of this page last week using leftover paint to create watermelon lines so it kind of felt meant to be. I mixed up some paint and painted over the photo I printed on cardstock at home. I’m absolutely loving using acrylics right now!!

I wanted to represent the sun somehow and I’ve been seeing triangles everywhere and wanted to give them a try. I just used black sharpie to create the design. They remind me of the suns rays. So much fun! 🙂

watermelon huesI thought I was done at least three times but it somehow didn’t feel quite right until I did some shading on some of the triangles.

Watermelon hues completeThanks for stopping by!



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