Get Messy: Season of Happy (week 3)

2016-02-18 15.32.47-1
Some weeks I feel like I’m just trying to create something to build a habit but I have to push myself, and other weeks I feel like it’s just flowing. This week, I let go and got really messy and absolutely loved it!

For the first page, I used acrylic on a hand-carved stamp that I made a few years ago. I love the bold look that paint gives me instead of ink! I wanted a happy and bold background so I just mixed my colors and slathered them on sporadically. It was fun and really therapeutic!

Hallelujah left page


I got a fun page of sheet music from a fellow Get Messy community member in an art swap last month and it was the perfect addition to my page with lyrics from “Good to be Alive” by Andy Grammer. I love this song…it always makes me so happy! (watching Andy Grammer compete last season on DWTS made me like him even more! He has a pretty cool story.)




Last week I was completely inspired by another Get Messy community member’s page that she shared on Instagram here where she used crayon in a hot glue gun to create patterns. (Isn’t her page absolutely gorgeous!?)

Fall apart on wednesdaysPatterns

I thought this technique would be a perfect addition to my other pages. It was so much fun letting the colors spill all over the page. I’ll definitely be using that technique again, but I think I’ll try to find a mini glue gun. I think the crayons will fit better than in the standard one I have and give me more control.

I used crayon on both of these pages and love the different effects and emotions that both portray.

I’m really happy with how this last page turned out. I am not good at layering…I’m afraid of covering something up that is already looking OK but this week as my design progressed I had to make the call and I allowed myself to cover up my background and I’m so glad I did. It was so fun trying to get the hair to feel right…it really challenged my artistic abilities.

Well, I’m a little late getting his posted and next weeks prompts are already out… I can’t wait to get started when I have some time!

Thanks for stopping by!



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