Get Messy: Season of Happy (week 2)

This last week was week two of the prompts for the Get Messy season of Happy. This week I really struggled to get the ideas flowing. It’s funny how some weeks you are instantly inspired and some weeks you really have to push yourself. This season I have committed to creating at least one page each week. This is my way of making sure that I’m taking time for myself amid the dirty diapers and many feedings and it forces me to create even when it doesn’t come naturally.

This week when I finally got my creative juices flowing I decided to try something new and print images of brains on a transparency sheet. I used these sheets that I had purchased for a project last year. I wasn’t sure how I’d adhere the printed images but after some playing around with the product I found that wetting the printed side with water reactivated the ink, making it sticky, essentially becoming it’s own adhesive…pretty cool!

I was struggling to get the colors vibrant with my water colors and I realized that they are so new that I need to really break them in so I ended up using my sons cheap water colors to create the look I was going for.

The image with the brains represents something that makes me happy…connecting with people. I feel exhilarated when I connect with friends, family and even a stranger at a coffee shop. Being a mom of little ones doesn’t always allow a lot of intentional connection these days, I tend to be distracted and in my head a lot,  but when it does occur I absolutely thrive on it!

For my second page this week I enjoyed using some magazine clippings, embellishments from my stash, and a stencil to list some things that make me happy.

I’m really enjoying the prompts so far for this season! I’m always excited to see what the next week will bring and what creativity it will inspire.

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