Get Messy: Season of  Happy (week 1)

2016-02-04 22.45.55It is the first week of a new season for the Get Messy art journaling community that I’m a part of and I’m excited to be getting some creative time in again. I’m doing something a little different this season.

Instead of using a blank moleskin notebook, I am using scrapbook cardstock I have (because I have an excessive amount) and I’m starting with those. It’s changing the look of my style completely and gives me a nice base to work from.

Here are my pages this week:


I have never done a single-line drawing but it was really fun to try. I had to tell the perfectionist in me to let go and enjoy the process. While it’s not my usual style, I loved the challenge and trying something new. I thought it would be fun to stamp with a coffee bean on the page and hoped it would produce a clear image of the bean, while it didn’t, I just went with it and I like what it added to the page.

My goal is to complete at least one page each week for the next six weeks so I’m happy I was able to do three this week and get some of my ideas on paper.

Thanks for stopping by!




11 thoughts on “Get Messy: Season of  Happy (week 1)

  1. gillywelch21 says:

    Your line drawing is awesome & I love the fact you tried a coffee bean. I’ve also learned to just go with the flow & although it may not actually be what you first intended it doesn’t matter – I think it works really well…like all things is you don’t try you just don’t know!
    I also love the fact you are using card stock what a great idea….mmm I have loads as well😉

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    • giselechastain says:

      Thanks Cheryl! I’m still deciding how I’m going to bind my pages. I was thinking of cutting them in half so I can use a 3 ring binder or somehow incorporating an old book cover…not sure this time as this us only my second season but I started overthinking it, which causes me to freeze in my creative process, so I decided to just start the pages and figure it out later. 🙂 any ideas!?


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