Finals are over and a Christmas workshop!

Christmas Holiday Dreamcatcher collage
Finals are over and I still can’t believe how quickly the semester flew by. And although by the end I was getting tired and life was so busy, I still loved it so much and I’m excited to keep going! But, with all this school and busyness of the holidays, I haven’t had/taken much time to really craft. My poor craft table is piled high with stuff to organize and put away and currently I only dream of projects I want to do.AND if you remember from this back to school post, I was wondering if I would meet people and make friends, and you know what!? I did! I put myself out there, sat next to students who asked questions like me and attended study groups and in the end I made a few acquaintances and a friend…someone I have hung out with outside of class and can talk to about real life. That is so exciting to me!

So when my sweet friend Erica of Splendid Things invited me to a Modern Christmas Workshop at her home for a girls crafting and design night, I almost said no, because I struggle to commit sometimes…but then, how can I pass up on girl talk, checking out this talented woman’s craft room and making some seriously amazing Christmas crafts? I couldn’t…I needed it. I’m so glad I went!

I didn’t take any photos of her space becuase I was exhausted and just wanted to take it all in but everything was perfect! Perfectly decorated walls, a hot cocoa cart with all the best toppings, Elf playing in the background and good conversation. If you want to see how amazingly talented she is, check out her blog. She has amazing style and plans the most amazing parties withouth blowing the budget. I seriously want to throw a party and have her style it for me…or just style my house for that matter. 😉 Amazing!

She gave us about ten projects to choose from, with examples, and I instantly fell in love with the idea of a holiday dreamcatcher. She had fabrics and embelishments galore to choose from so all I had to do was the fun stuff! AND the kicker…I’ve had a bare space in my dining room since we moved in so I had the perfect spot for it. Hooray!

Here’s how my they turned out. (I can’t take much credit for the adorable framed deer art because besides glueing everything together, I pretty much just copied her example.)

Christmas Holiday Dreamcatcher and deer frame

I love it! And let’s be honest…this baby is staying up all year. Remember the holiday pillows from this post last year? Yeah, they’ve been on my couch all year. Apparently it’s always Christmas in this house! 😉

So, moral of this post? If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Erica’s workshops…do it! Not only was the entire night wonderful but she sent us home with a fantastic take home gift that had more Christmas decor and the perfect lip gloss…which I admit, was my favorite! 🙂

And if I don’t see you before then…Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

– Gisele

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2 thoughts on “Finals are over and a Christmas workshop!

  1. Drea Hatch says:

    Your dream catchers turned out so stinkin’ cute.
    I’ll have to make myself something with a stick, because I love that idea. 🙂
    Merry Christmas, Gisele, it was SOOO nice to meet you at Erica’s workshop.


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