Play Dough

  Playdough strip large
Dump it out with a thud.
I show you how to squish it.
You rub your fingers together not sure of the texture.
I start with basics…ball, worm, heart…

You decide you’re semi ok with this new medium.
You put pieces inside the cup, close the lid, take them out.
I create stuff.
We talk about what each thing could be.
You say triangles are pizzas so we add toppings.
You say “oh no!” when hats and eyes and pepperonis fall off.
You remember all three ball forms of the snowman long after it’s dissembled and call them by name as you move them around.
Your imagination is growing…it makes me proud.
I keep creating and we keep talking.
You realize that squeezing the cup makes the lid fly off which causes instant laughter.
I chase it down, repeat…we laugh again.
I start taking photos of your first dough experience…you say “next me”…so I sit back down.
I make a dog, you call it fish…you give it kisses.
Time for lunch.
Reluctantly squish all of the dough back into the cup.
Things just keep getting more fun.

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