Back to School: University Style (Take 2)

Back to Shool

Ok, it’s been 8 years since I stopped going to school….8 years!? That’s a long time and I honestly didn’t think i’d ever go back but, once I made the decision, I have been super excited.

That being said…I was pretty anxious about my first day.

Like, seriously…
  • do people still carry backpacks? (I have this vision of me walking into a classroom with my bright blue Jan Sport I got in high school and everyone else has jet-packs or something equally ridiculous and cool.)
  • and do people even use notepads anymore or is paper outdated?
  • oh my gosh, don’t forget a #2 pencil!…is that still a thing on bubble tests?
  • ok, and remember not to talk too much…no one likes a teacher’s pet. (I should know)
  • maybe I should’ve remembered to buy a notepad so I can actually take some notes…ah!
  • I wonder if I’ll make any friends?
  • Is there a coffee shop on campus?…I don’t see a coffee shop on campus…
And in the most sane area of my brain, I know that no one really cares what bag I carry, what I wear, or if my hair is puffy and sticking out funny on one (or both) sides. I know that everyone is there to get their 3 science credits and be on their way. And I know that in all reality, I don’t really need to impress anyone…I mean, I’m not looking for a husband anymore…check that off my college to-do list. 😉 BAM!
But it’s funny to me how insecurities creep up when I’m placed into situations I’ve previously experienced… I always thought I’d somehow be way past all of that nonsense at this point in my life, you know, with all of my life experience and my deep infinite wisdom, ha! Apparently I’m not quite there yet.
The truth is, I do have some life experience that will help me this time…and I’m in a place where school now feels like this amazing privilege and something I get to do. I have this goal I want to accomplish and I’m not doing it because it’s expected or because I don’t know what else to do with my life…
I’m doing it for myself, because I want to! My family will, of course, benefit from it and are completely supportive and encouraging, but I’m the one choosing to work hard towards the end goal.
…I’m so excited!!
(Note to self: remember this in November when I’m sick of trudging through the snow to class three nights a week and sick of all the reading.)
And now that I’ve had a few nights of class…
  • Maybe I should invest in some pepper spray…
  • I’m totally getting the older versions of my textbooks and saving a few hundred bucks.
  • OMG….3 hours of Geology is sooooo long.
  • Really, there’s no coffee shop on campus?? …I really need to look into that.
  • Don’t talk to people giving away free stuff no matter how cool it is…they’re selling something.
  • Thank goodness I brought a #2 pencil!
  • I’ve totally got this!
Quick class review: (because apparently this post isn’t long enough yet)
I was dreading and putting off taking my science credits after some bad experiences in HS but based on first impressions:
*Astronomy is going to be great! Tough but fun.. I think. The professor actually taught cool, relevant stuff, while being engaging, interesting, and of course, hilariously nerdy… What more could you want in an Astronomy class?
*Geology is going to be pretty cool. The teacher is passionate about the subject (again, it’s better they care vs not.) I’m sure I will learn a lot if I can just keep focused and retain all of the information we’re trying to cover each week.
AND….If you made it to the end of this extremely long post, congratulations….you’re amazing!
And now, just for kicks and giggles, here’s a photo of me during my first week of college in 2003 and now in 2014. Cheers to growing up!
  First day of school 03 to 14
Hope your holiday weekend is fantastic! (I’ll be studying!) 🙂
– Gisele

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