Laughing at Graham “planking” with his aunt and uncle.

Enjoying all of the rainy days and thunderstorms we’ve been having this summer.

Feeling excited and nervous to start school next week.

Remembering how ridiculously high priced text books are.

Discovered the TV show Community on Hulu… how did I miss this for so many seasons? Hilarious!

Wanting to add this coffee mug to my collection…Troy and Abed are my favorite!

Waiting for my hair to grow long enough for an easy short ponytail.

Loving the look of white nail polish.

Cheering for Graham learning to stand up without assistance.

Excited (mostly) for cooler weather.

Wondering where the summer went.

Hoping to grow a hop plant like this in the backyard next spring.

Drinking lots of pretend coffee with Graham.

Compiling and narrowing down my Spotify playlist for this months One Little Word challenge.

Driving a minivan around town while my car gets some work done…

Tying up important loose ends before life gets busy with homework.





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