Life Lessons and Scrambled Eggs

Graham Eggs 1

One of my favorite things right now is to make scrambled eggs with Graham.

The thing is…
I know I’ll be picking shells out of the bowl.
I know egg will drip onto the counter into a sticky mess.
I know i’ll have more dishes to do.
I know it would be quicker and more efficient to do it myself.

I love…

watching his face light up with the responsibility,

seeing those discerning eyebrows furl as the gears turn in his head,

hearing his exclamation to “dump it!” when the pan is ready

his desire to use every wooden spoon we own to stir the eggs as they cook
and the tiny thrill of rebellion I still feel in my heart from sitting on the counter. 😉
And I can’t help but think that in some small but crucial way I’m teaching him the important lessons of life…
That it’s ok to try things that seem too difficult…things we may fail at.
That it’s ok to enjoy doing things that we may never be the “best at.
That sometimes life is messy.
That some thing’s are worth the trouble and inconvenience.
That spills will happen…and that spoons, counters and hands wash up.
Clearly…lessons I’m still learning too.
Sometimes I can’t wait for the days to pass, but as I soak in the joy of his passionate giggles at this newly discovered confidence and independence, I’m reminded to be present.
It’s all worth it.

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