July Book Review: Picture Books

7-15-14 Picture Books (89)

In the last few months, Graham has become obsessed with reading. He’s always loved books, but he will now sit still for (sometimes) five books in a row! Usually the first thing out of his mouth each morning is “book!” while pointing to his collection and he wants to read throughout the day! This is SO awesome and something I totally looked forward to happening, but I quickly realized that our collection was too small and I was going a little crazy reading through our entire library multiple times a day. We desperately needed a trip to the library.

Before we went the first time, I did my research…looked up books that people had recommended, placed them on hold and we got some really fun gems. After we returned the first batch, I tried the lets just go and see what we find method and we ended up with very few books that I desire to read more than once in my entire life…so I think I’ll try to do the pre-search when possible, at least until he can pick out his own books. 🙂

Here is a review from the first group of books that we borrowed (in the order pictured above):  *links will take you to the Amazon description

Sheep in a Jeep – Nate and I find this book funny. It’s short, sweet and silly. I’m not sure that Graham actually gets what’s going on in the story…but he likes the sounds we make and points out the animals. It’s a win-win!

Freight Train – Simple, colorful, very few words. Graham likes this one a lot and points to each car so we can tell him what color it is.

Starlight Sailor – This is one we actually own and one of our favorites for the past while! The words are beautifully written and poetic. The pictures are gorgeous! Definitely check this one out!

Silly Little Goose! – Another simple book where the pictures tell more of the story than the words. Graham knows what a goose says now, “HONK!”, haha! Although I don’t love this one, he finds it enjoyable and asked for it a lot when we had it.

The Baby Blue Cat and the Whole Batch of Cookies  – This is a childhood favorite that my parents held onto for the grandchildren. I need to buy this one for our personal collection but I don’t think they print it anymore so I’ll have to find it used. Sweet story and cute old pics. Perhaps it’s the good memories tied to the book, but I just love it! Graham likes it too…but maybe not as much as me. See if your library has it…it’s worth a shot. 🙂

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes  – Simple, sweet, great bold illustrations, and great for learning about fingers and toes as the title suggests! Graham loves this one…he calls it “baby!!”

Bear and Bee – This book cracks me up! I’m not sure Graham gets the humor yet but we do voices and he laughs along. I would love to own this one!

Where the Wild Things Are – This is another one that we own. Graham loves this book and I love watching Nate read this one to him..he makes it really come to life! It’s a classic, and although I never really connected to it before…it’s definitely a favorite now!

I Am Winnie the PoohThis is a super simple board book, but I included it because Graham wanted to read it over and over and say the characters names on each page. I sure wish I could impersonate Winnie the Pooh..it just feels weird saying “think, think” knowing I sound nothing like Pooh. 🙂

Bear Snores On – I really enjoyed this story and illustrations from the very beginning. It was a little long for Graham but when he was in the right mood we could make it through.

The Day the Crayons QuitThis book is one we’ll try again when Graham gets a little bit older because it is funny! Way too long for his attention span at this point, but a great book that Nate and I enjoyed.

SylvieI thought this book was adorable and a good length but neither Graham nor Nate really loved it. Oh well. If you run across it you should definitely read through it…I think it’s worth it. 🙂

Jamberry – This is probably the most read book out of all of the library books we borrowed! Graham LOVED this story, the pictures, finding the bear and different animals and pretending to eat all of the different kind of berries. We could read it over and over so I’m sure this will definitely be making it into our library at some point.

I’m starting to make a list of books that I wouldn’t mind having in our personal library, as well as books that we can try again when Graham gets a little older. I’m excited to add to our personal library over time and have some of these to read over and over! So much fun!

I would love to hear what the favorites are in your home so we can check them out! Leave a comment!




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