One Little Word – (May “I Am” Prompt)

7-1-2014 OLW May (35)

I was so excited when I read that the One Little Word prompt for May encouraged us to use layering techniques that I’ve always wanted to try. The prompt was to create nine cards with “I am” statements that are relevant in our lives right now…some positive, some maybe not so positive. And the challenge was to get messy with it…really embrace the imperfection and enjoy the process.  

I took awhile to create and narrow down my list of “I am” statements. Once my final list was complete I created my cards like this:

Step 1: Apply base colors and patterns using gesso and paint on cards. Let dry and repeat until desired texture is reached. This is how my cards looked after each had 1-2 layers.

2014-05-27 19.11 EDIT

Step 2: Use stamps to add extra layering effects.

Step 3: Add the words “I am” to each card. This could have been been done with stickers/handwritten/printed. I decided that I liked the idea of using my own handwriting but still wanted it to be uniform, so I carved a stamp.

2014-05-28 23.01.30 EDIT

Step 4: Create each unique “i am” statement using handwriting/stamps/stickers.

Step 5: Embellish!

Supplies Used: Cardstock, Gesso, Paint, Stencils, Stamps, Stickers, Pens/Markers, Small embellishments

Here are my completed cards. I got a little carried away and created 18.

Iam Statements all

 (click on image for a larger view)

As with each monthly prompt, the activities are not the most important element but they are a helpful tool to challenge me.

The physical act of creating each card really gave me the opportunity I needed to work through what each statement means about me and how I feel about it. I love that every one of these little cards contains a very tangible and vulnerable piece of who I am in this very moment.

I hope you had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!


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