One Little Word – (April photo prompts)

DSC_0041 - OLW post
It’s July and I’m excited to say that I’m finally caught up on all of my One Little Word prompts! I’ll be sharing them over the next few days. 🙂

Aprils prompt was two part.  First was to connect with your word visually through photos…I used the statement “I Choose…” on each photo and I really like how they turned out. I didn’t get too creative with these, I basically followed the format that Ali used seeing as I was playing catch up.

DSC_0050 - OLW postI didn’t think about the prompt too much as I took photos throughout the month. I tend to take pictures of everything with my iphone anyways so I just went thru my photos with the prompt in mind at the end and it was easy to make my list around these.

DSC_0064 - OLW post I enjoyed using products I had on hand that I normally wouldn’t be drawn to use, like the labels…I don’t love these but they worked well with the concept.

DSC_0069 - OLW post

The second prompt was to choose something to “let go” of or “release” and use a self portrait to journal about your choice. Honestly I think this prompt really started my intense processing of late. I used the entire month to write and think as I tried to decide what I really needed to let go of. I finally realized that at the core of everything was my personal unrealistic expectations. Expectations of who I am supposed to be, what it’s all supposed to look like, and how life is supposed to play out. I’m glad I took this prompt seriously and really processed through it but it was/is a BIG thing to tackle…I will not complete this process in a month, or perhaps even a year but it did start something in me and I hope it will get easier with time.

Writing on the photo was a little nerve wracking but I decided to just go for it and not worry too much about if my lines were straight. After all…it’s not about perfection but the processing.

DSC_0031 - OLW post

I definitely did not expect to be this challenged by my word on such a deep level. 🙂

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