Yesterday’s Lamp Makeover

Lamp before and afterOur master bedroom has gotten the short end of the stick over the last few years as we’ve decorated our home. The reasons being that:

  1. No one really sees it anyways, right?
  2. I just cannot for the life of me figure out the bedding situation…blankets are too heavy/light/not breathable/ high maintenance/look nice but not functional, so…we continue to use what we have.
  3. For the longest time I couldn’t decide on a paint color.
  4. I wasn’t sure what to do with dark brown carpet and the dark brown bedroom set we purchased in our last house.

So, after all this back and forth I’ve decided on a paint color (i think), accepted that the bedroom set is staying and will work with what we have. I’ve decided that to brighten the room I’ll stay with light bedding and use white accents around the room for that crisp pop of contrast I want.

We’re not quite ready to paint the walls but I’ve been trying to visualize and find deals on things to dress it up for now. I found these heavy duty brass lamps at the second hand store a few months back and we bought some good quality white spray paint (it makes all the difference in the world) and they’ve since been sitting in our room unpainted.

Yesterday was a lazy day as Graham and Nate are recovering from colds but we decided it was a perfect day to get this small project done. When it comes to anything that requires attention to detail/perfection, Nate is my guy! So when I say we painted the lamps…I mean I totally cheered him on and did inspections. 🙂 They turned out great and now I just need to get the right sized lamp shades. We’re one small step closer to a decorated master bedroom! Yay!

2014-06-29 11.04.24Graham is all about DIY projects that happen outside!

Happy Monday!!

It’s going to be a short week for us and we’re looking forward to seeing Nate’s parents for a fun 4th of July weekend!



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