A Few Iconic Weeks

Graham photostrip

The last few weeks were extremely iconic for me as a mother…there are some things that just represent childhood in my mind and when they happen I think…this is how I imagined it would be, I'm totally a mom!

There are of course the big ones… the first laugh, smile, rolling, crawling, talking, walking…etc. And although the big ones are incredible (I'm still waiting semi-patiently for some of these), it's some of the "small" ones that hit me the hardest…they're the ones that you can miss if you're not in the moment…the ones that sound the alarm in my head, "He's Growing Up!"

Here are some of the small (big) things for me that happened over the last few weeks:

Graham's rides his first carousal…I talk about this here.

I catch Graham in the act of unrolling his first ever toilet paper roll…why didn't I get a picture!?

Graham sneaks his first rock in the house and throws it as hard as he can with such passion and joyous laughter that all I can do is laugh out loud as I think….this won't be the last rock in my house, I'm sure. 

Graham gets his first case of the flu and pukes all over me…I knew this one was bound to happen one day and I was actually a little shocked that I had escaped it so long. As he was puking I thought to myself…this is truly motherhood.

Graham discovers the giant cage of rubber balls at the grocery store and yells, "BAOU!" with pure joy at the mere sight! …I got to buy my son his first bouncy ball and its his favorite thing right now.

I'm constantly amazed at how much joy my son experiences in the little things…what a gift to see and experience the world through such new and unscathed eyes. I think there's definitely value in trying to recapture our own joy in the little things.



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