Book Review – March (Bringing Up Bébé)


In March I read Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman for my monthly reading challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

She writes about her experiences as an American living in Paris and learning about French parenting. So much of what she writes about seems like common sense, and then again, trying to implement some of the practices seems much easier said than done or only lend themselves to the resources available in Paris, as she experiences.

She covers topics of womanhood/motherhood, babies sleeping/eating, over-parenting, teaching your children to "wait", independence, American guilt, balanced living, good manners and more. I definitely don't agree with every method/way the Parisians approach things but what I loved was that it opened my eyes to see that some of the ways I think about parenting are merely because I live in a culture that is over-saturated with opinions and parenting styles enough to make your head spin and that it's good to question why I think the way I do.

One thing I realized (or re-realized) is that I tend to over think everything, feel guilty constantly (especially if I take time for myself), question every-little-choice I make in regards to the affects on my child…and think, irrationally, that there is a black and white answer to everything I do. Reading this book inspired me to aim for a more balanced approach…and I have a long way to go. 

I definitely recommend this book as a fun and interesting read on the differences in American and French parenting. Oh, and if you read this book, have some good cheese on hand…I found myself craving it and dreaming often of 4-course meals…if only I had someone to cook them for me. 😉

Have you read Bringing Up Bebe? What did you think?



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