Dear Graham and a Day at the Zoo

1b 2014-03-23 16.08 12x12

Written 3-26-14

Dear Graham, 

Sunday we took you to the zoo for the first time on a whim. I was wondering how much you would understand the concept and actually show interest in the animals, but it was fantastic.
At every exhibit Dad would pull you out of the stroller and into his arms and we would point to the animals until you spotted them and he would tell you their names and we would all make the animal sounds….
we saw a funny brown bear playing in the water with a floating ball like a big kid, 
we saw elephants eating a whole pineapple and got to ask the zookeeper questions,
we saw and heard the roosters crowing (they sounded a lot like grandpas impressions),
we saw a leopard pacing,  
we watched otters diving into the water with slicked back fur, tall giraffes and bored monkeys. 
1b 2014-03-23 14.43.37
1b 2014-03-23 15.10.16
1b 2014-03-23 15.27.33
1b 2014-03-23 16.31.57
Watching you with your Daddy is truly one of my favorite things…seeing you two connect and learn from each other is so cool. 
The entire day was truly fabulous but the highlight of my day was experiencing your very first carousal ride with you. They wouldn't let Dad ride with you so we held you on each side as you went up and down and we went round and round…
You were hesitant at first but you started dancing to the music once you relaxed…
1b go round 2014-03-23 15.57.16
It was iconic. This is something our parents did with us as children and it seems to epitomize joyful childhood in my mind and we were sharing it with you, our own son. I had never thought about it much before and although it seems silly and maybe small, my eyes were teary and my heart so full. 
It was such a wonderful day with nice cool weather and we got to share it all with Shiloh and Ellerie on her first zoo trip too! I imagine and hope that this will be the first of many fun trips to the zoo as a family.
 (Meet Simon the Sloth and Ellerie's baby giraffe) 
1b 2014-03-23 16.30.12-1 crop
 (Aren't these two seriously the cutest EVER!?)
1b 2014-03-23 15.05.18
Graham, you have brought the pure joy of childhood back into our lives and every day we are so blessed by your love and laughter. I love you with all my heart son! 

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