Currently – March

Graham outside

Loving Graham's little voice as he sounds out new words…each one is so adorable and full of excitement. Some of my favs…Home "Ohm", Ball "Bauw", Dad "dAaaaa", Mom "mmmmom", Up "Op", Towel "Dow" ok, i'm done, I could list them all.

Reading this article from Becoming Minimalist and thinking I definitely need to examine the way I choose to spend my time and inevitably my life.

Also reading this article from the Atlantic called The Overprotected Kid…it's long but I really enjoyed it and the idea of these adventure playgrounds they've created in Northern Wales. …the being said, how does one let go of the possibly irrational fear and over protection?

Finished an art project I started years ago.

Starting art projects I've put off.

Dreaming of out how I want to paint and decorate our room.

Finally starting my yearly Project Life album…keeping it simple.

Feeling inadequate some days, in all areas…trying to get out of a funk.



Thinking deep thoughts about life, what really matters and what doesn't in the long run.

Cleaned our dishwasher with Tang…(yes, the drink) and it came out sparkling like new!! Check out this article. I used method #1 first, cleaned the filter/used vinegar, then method #4. Seriously awesome!

Watched Hunger Games and Catching Fire for the first time, finally…considering adding the books to my list this year for something fun and to hold me over until the next movies come out.

Relished in an amazing night out with close girlfriends and was reminded how important it is for me to take intentional time to be carefree every once in a while! 

Working on my pre-summer tan while we play outside on warm days. I love the sun.

Realizing that sidewalk chalk doesn't easily come out of white socks.

Relieved that Graham likes "green drinks" …gotta get those green veggies in somehow!

Enjoying my hair most days.

Suprised myself and decided to bake a pineapple upside down cake from scratch at 9pm…so worth it. Here's the recipe I used.

Thankful Graham is finally over the flu and no one else got it.

Have a great day!



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