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_03_02_2014_1296 light

Mom praying

_03_02_2014_1275 BW

_03_02_2014_1309 EDITED

Graham and Hayley light

A boy and his cars

Paul Mitchell Styling Product Light


Birthday dinner 2

2014-02-21 14 light

_03_18_2014_1386 bw light

2014-03-10 15 edit

Graham steals the show every time…I can't help but take pictures of him! :) 

Enjoyed taking some photos of my mom where she prays each day, for her own One Little Word project. My parents prayer corner is so gorgeous and peaceful.

We are LOVING the spring weather we've been getting and we're spending as much time as possible outdoors (walks, planting trees, shopping the local nursery, bbq-ing)…finally! Graham especially loves the fresh air so it's not surprising that one of his first (verbal) words was "outside" (sounds like out-sauce). He says it a lot throughout the day and is never ready to go back in.

We love walks with Grandma and Grandpa!

Graham has had a lot of doctors appointments/blood draws/physical therapy lately while we try to figure out/work through some stuff with his legs. At his last "poking" the doctor gave him a whole pack of "big kid" cars and since then he is a car guy…the little noise he makes when they go melts my heart! He holds onto them through the grocery store, sends them flying over the hardwood floors and throws them. (He's pretty excited that he's mastered throwing a ball and the concept that some things are for throwing, and some are not, hasn't quite sunk in yet.) 😉  

Quite honestly, I've never been a "product" girl…with long hair, buying product, even shampoo and conditioner is expensive, and to me, anything other than the basics seemed like an unnecessary cost. (My routine before was, throw some hair serum in my damp hair and let it dry how it will.) I had a feeling that cutting my hair short would require more product to keep the mane tamed but I never realized how much difference they really make! I get a much more polished look when I use the "concoction" my hairdresser wrote up for me and it's pretty exciting. :) 

Most kids wear out the knees on their pants…not our little scooter. Now that we're playing outside more and he's dragging his lil' buns over the concrete, it seems inevitable that the backside of his pants will eventually rip through completely. The sound of the cloth dragging across the cement is a little unnerving. :) 

We celebrated my 29th birthday last week. It was quiet and wonderful. My fabulous cousin hung out with Graham at home while Nate and I had a rejuvenating date night at Ruth's Chris with incredible conversation and a great post-steak/creme brulee stroll through the mall. 🙂

Graham loves to do anything we do…drinking out of a glass cup, feeding himself, pointing at the yard while babbling about where new trees should go. 🙂 This kid cracks me up!

I'm in love with the blurry picture of me and Graham…trying to figure out if I can use it somewhere around the house despite being out of focus. In love with this kid!

This is where life gets dangerous…rocks resemble balls, balls are for throwing…and there have been a few close calls. Luckily the rocks are still small at this point. Ps…I love that he is into rocks, and cars, balls and makes sound effects with everything he does! Just when I think I'm so in love and he can't get any cuter/smarter/funnier/cooler…he does!! 

Hope your weekend is FABULOUS!!



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