CHOOSE Healthy Risks: Chopping It All Off


Before & After

As part of my One Little Word this year I wanted to focus on choosing healthy risks…things that scare me, but won't kill me. I've often feared cutting my hair short because a. long hair is feminine and "sexy" (when actually styled) and b. I don't take many risks when it comes to style for fear that I can't "pull it off".

Due to some unfortunate cuts/styles in the past I haven't cut my hair shorter (besides trims) for about 10 years. 

I have sometimes thought about going short…in 2003 my awesomely free-spirited co-worker tried to convince me to cut my hair like Meg Ryan's in the movie Hanging Up and I seriously contemplated it for a few weeks then chickened out….looking back now, that haircut would have been AWFUL with my hair type…just awful! 

Since then I've thought about it in a wouldn't that be crazy kind of way but never for too long.

…and then in February I watched Safe Haven while in California and I fell in love with Julianne Hough's hair (and whole carefree style for that matter). I couldn't stop thinking about it….so I made a Pinterest board called If I Had The Guts. And after weeks of pinning, obsessed with the idea and invigorated with a healthy dose of fear, Nate noticed and asked if I was really going to do it…I think that finalized it for me, the fact that he wouldn't kick me to the curb if I cut off my long locks. 😉 I say that jokingly but I want him to be happy with how I look…it's definitely important to me. 

It was the perfect healthy risk. I told maybe 5 people about my plan (including my husband and parents)…I'm a people-pleaser and was afraid I would be talked out of it. 

 So…I went to the hairdresser with these pictures

Hairstyle Ideas

1 and 2. Julianne Hough with my safe short style (this is the one I was certain I'd be getting)

3. Emma Watson with my scary short style that I would do once I get a little more gutsy (funny how it's not really that much shorter)

4. A picture of my super cute but really really extreme for me and I might do it someday if I actually like my hair short style.

I'm kind of (sort of) embarrassed that I was such a needy customer…let's just say that I didn't take this risk blindly. I sent a very long text and made sure my hairdresser knew all of my concerns and needs before hand, so as not to catch her off guard upon my arrival. ;) 

She was A-mazing, took one look at the styles and suggested we bypass the 1st style (it would give me a boxy shape like I feared), and go straight to style number 2 which would be much better for my face and would look great curly too (so important!)

Oh how the adrenaline rushed!! (I clearly need to take more risks)

…Oh, and she made sure I knew that in a few months when I'm ready to take another leap, the 3rd style would be her #1 choice for going "all in" and would be absolutely adorable. 🙂 See…she's amazing!

And so I did it! I cut my hair. I felt surprisingly calm in the chair and with each cut witnessed my transformation…it was far less scary then I'd made it out to be. I'm still me…just with shorter, more spunky hair. 🙂

Short Haircut Curly

The consensus so far is that it's more sophisticated and womanly…some days I look in the mirror and think I look WAY too much like a mom. It's weird.  I joked yesterday with Nate that I'm going to have to re-peirce my eyebrow if I start looking too grown up. ;) 

Mom Style1

Then again, I guess looking like a mom isn't so bad. 😉 (He realized that he could see himself in the viewfinder screenhence the dazed face.) 

I'm so glad I took a healthy risk…even if to most people it's merely a haircut. 




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