Book Review – February (A Short History of Nearly Everything)

This month I read A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson…well, I started. 

Bill Bryson Review Pics

I read a glowing review from another blogger that I admire and she made the book sound really intruiging…

I tried to get into it, and once in awhile there was a really cool story about a really crazy scientist that peaked my interest and I started feeling pret-ty cool learning about scientific stuff…but the excitement faded fast and I wondered when he was going to start talking about stuff other than the size, history and age of the world…and he didn't. (I probably should have read the synopsis) I was imagining a short history of everything throughout history…stuff like world wars, the invention of the telephone, chewing gum and when men started wearing top hats…where did I come up with that??

The book was definitely PACKED with scientific information and stories, and I suppose if I was comparing it to a textbook it would win hands down, but it just isn't my cup of tea. 

I tried to remember the people I was reading about and what they did and their crazy stories that I actually found quite funny…but after a few pages I couldn't recall anything specific enough to casually chat with any intelligent person about it.

So I tried not to remember the people and what they did and just enjoy the book…that didn't help either.

So…after reading 6 long chapters (exactly 96 pages) of A Short History of Nearly Everything I stopped….I was going to push through, try to force myself to finish it on principal, but then my husband so wisely reminded me that there was no reason to read a book for recreational purposes if I wasn't even enjoying it. The funny thing is that he would probably really like this book…he's smart like that. 🙂

So all that being said…if you're interested in the history of the world, the elements, crazy scientists, atoms and dinosaurs…seriuosly give this book a chance. And if you've read a cool book that covers world wars, the invention of the telephone, chewing gum and when men started wearing top hats all in a pleasant and readalbe way, please let me know what it's titled…I suppose I could just start reading an encyclopedia. Hmmm.  

Anyways, I'm on to my next book and totally enjoying it!! Yay!




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