Traveling with a Toddler: Visiting Nannie, Pop and Chanel!

Cali strip

It's been quiet here on the blog for the last few weeks and here's why… 

Nate told me a while back that he had a business trip to Japan for 10 days at the beginning of February. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit his parents and sister in California so they could spend some quality time with Graham (and me). They've come to visit us numerous times but due to Nate's schedule at work he hasn't been able to get a lot of time off to head out there lately.  

We kept our visit a surprise from Nannie, (because who doesn't love the anticipation of a good surprise and making their mother in-law cry happy tears!?) In the end, with the help of everyone, we pulled it off beautifully and she was definitely shocked! …and cried. 😉 Yay!!

2014-02-15 15

I knew that traveling with a toddler would be a new experience, and like everything in life, I had some real and some not so real expectations…

I expected the traveling to be difficult with Graham, and that I needed to be prepared for anything.

I expected an adjustment period as Graham was away from his Daddy and sleeping in a new place.

I expected to have plenty of distraction from the fact that I was missing my husband like crazy.

I expected to have lots of free time, relaxation, reading, blogging, playing with my camera and photo editing while everyone was at work and Graham napped. 

…wait, did I forget that I was bringing a toddler? And that we were sharing a room? And that I was going to be a single parent for 10 days? And that babies don't perform? And that nothing ever really goes as planned? Right…. (Note to self: you totally over packed and should have left your camera, laptop and 3 books at home)

What I didn't expect was…

That Graham was going to be SUPER clingy and not allow anyone to even attempt to touch/feed/hold him if I was anywhere nearby.

That he'd have 4 molars start breaking through that week.

That he'd sleep only 9, (not his regular 12 hours) a night.

That he'd wake up if I got out of bed in the morning (meaning no being ahead of the game and showering before he woke)

That I would experience some form of crazy bad allergies/headache/migraine=puking most of the time I was there.

BUT despite all of that it was still great and I was not going to waste my precious time there laying in bed, not that I could have if I wanted too. Ha. 🙂

_02_15_2014_738 edit BW

We got to spend 10 straight days with Nannie, Pop and Chanel…real life. 

We got to go to church and listen to Nannie sing….Graham danced the whole time and stole hearts.

We got to soak in every bit of sunshine they had (70's and 80's…oh yeah!).

We got our nails done.

We went on walks.

We finished a project.

We sang loud together.

We did mini (scary) facials.

We wore tank tops…and sun dresses… and sunglasses.

We drank lots of Starbucks.

We made and ate delicious healthy food.

We visited Pops office and got to see what he does.

We shopped.

We laughed.

We got spoiled by Nannie and Pop.

We watched movies.

We watched the olympics.

We strolled Seaport Village and toured the aircraft carrier…and got to learn all about the cool planes and ship functions from Pop.

…and although Graham played hard to get all week…on the very last day he was in a happy mood and spent a good long time being carried around by his very happy grandparents…Finally!

  _02_15_2014_721 edit

_02_15_2014_763 edit

I'm so thankful that although it wasn't always perfect, we got to spend so much time together as a family. It was definitely a full and successful trip….and a great learning experience for trips to come! …hopefully in the future Nate will be with us, cause we kind of prefer it when he's around. 😉

Thanks for reading! …and if you're just dying to see a few more pictures from our time in California, check out my instagram feed. 🙂



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