One Little Word – January

Jan Prompt - Covers

Cover page and some of Janaury's prompts

I've enjoyed doing the One Little Word on-line workshop prompts this month. They were definitely challenging and thought provoking…which is of course the point. I took my sweet time and I'm happy with how my pages and writing turned out. I think that all the thought I put into them will set a strong foundation for my intentions for the year and keep me focusing in the right direction… this kind of change cannot be rushed. 🙂

I chose an ampersand as my symbol this year to remind me of my word.  Reason 1 – I can't help but like ampersands, 2 – they are everywhere right now, and 3 – it makes sense, because I'm choosing between this & that. :) 

Some days it's definitely easier for me to live my word, and some days I despise my word and feel angry towards it (sounds ridiculous, I know)…it's clearly a love/hate relationship at this point. 🙂 That being said, I'm still glad I chose it and I do see it changing me in small ways already and it's only January, so Hoorah!

I love the quote I found for the month…

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

– George Bernard Shaw

How true is that!??

My goal is to set a few small intentions each month to keep me heading in the right direction. This month I didn't post them in the beginning of the month to keep me accountable but that's ok, right? I started small…my main goal was just to start building some good habits…CHOOSE to start. That's difficult for me sometimes. 

1. Choose to renew my love of reading and increase my intellect. (I got my library card and as mentioned in this post, my goal is to read and review at least one book a month. January – done!)

2. Choose to be fearless in my creativity by starting a project and finishing it – embrace the imperfection that is inevitable! (I started a sewing project and after a couple of hiccups I'm almost finished! I will blog about this soon, but here's a lil' sneak peek…)

_01_18_2014_358 CROP

3. Choose to document our life as a family by taking at least one photo of the three of us each month. (I'm finishing this one tonight (by the skin of my teeth) how is it the 31st already!?…and why is it so hard to take a minute for a quick but high quality picture!?)

4. Choose to get Graham more involved in play dates and social situations to work on his mobility. (I feel like we have been great about this in January! We've met up with lots of friends, started some physical therapy through a great local program and participated in MOPS groups.  This is something I'm trying to make a habit for sure to give him every opportunity to learn and grow.)

January is over and I have a funny feeling that February is going to FLY by very quickly!

Have a great day!



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