Currently – January


Struggling to wake up at 5am these days…meaning, it's not happening at all.

Processing our taxes and excited to use the return to pay off the last of my ridiculous school loans…finally!

Attempting to keep my front room plants alive…not sure they're gonna make it.

Laughing as I re-watch this group dance to "What Does the Fox Say" from last seasons Dancing With the Stars…so bizarre and hilarious!

Taking pictures almost daily with my Nikon 50mm Lens…LOVE the amount of light it lets in!

Writing new to-do lists daily. I love crossing off each line.

Re-watching Pitch Perfect …I can't help it. Despite some ridiculously annoying lines "aca-scuse me?" I love the musical numbers and wish I could randomly break into song and dance in the perfect mash up…kinda lame, I know.

Finishing my January prompts from the One Little Word workshop using my word choose.

Dusting off the sewing machine and trying out something new…blog post to come soon!

Loving this blog post from the Girl of Cardigan blog and feeling the same.

Listening to songs from Frozen …I can't get enough.

Trying out story time at the local library.

Starting my next book, A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. Enjoying it so far but I'm not gonna lie, it's a bit intimidating. 

Craving the sunshine and warm weather…winter, and this nasty inversion, is getting old.

This fun free camera printable is making me think of picking up my water colors again…

Waiting for Graham to just stand up and start walking at any moment.


Have a great day!



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