Celebrating!…It’s good to have people

1DSC_0185 - celebrate


I got to hang out with a good friend yesterday and celebrate some surprising and wonderful news with her….it was awesome!!

Later in the day I experienced a small victory of my own watching my son pull into sitting from laying down for the first time ever (finally) at 14 months…it was so simple yet so amazing! And we celebrated! Lots of clapping and encouragement all around. 🙂
I kept thinking to myself that celebrating together is just more fun. Truly, it is great to have people…it's great to have friends and family to celebrate our victories with us (big and small), people who we spend time with and share our lives with.
And it's great to have people who we stand together with in our struggles…to have support in the hard places.
…but yesterday we got to celebrate, and it was a good day!
I'm so thankful for the people in my life that celebrate with me and allow me to celebrate with them…even in the smallest of things! Thank you!

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