One Little Word 2014 – REVISED

Ok…perhaps I jumped the gun with my previous post….I was SO excited to have chosen a word for the year, but now I'm changing it…because I can. 🙂

I thought fearless was the one, and it IS an awesome word and I want to continue to be fearless in many areas in my life, but as I spent yesterday writing through how this word applies to me…I realized that perhaps fearless is an off-shoot of something different that I need to focus on. After only one day I was having to stretch it to make it feel applicable, especially in some areas of motherhood.

I kept reading that some years you pick your word and some years it picks you (is there a sorting hat for this kind of thing?)….apparently this year I'm in the latter of the two categories.

We were in the car Sunday running errands, Graham was tired and whining, I was hungry, and Nate was frustrated. I was really trying to use my word…how can I apply the word fearless to this situation? How can I let it affect me positively?… I know that being "bigger" than a whining toddler and keeping calm is hard to do some days…but fearless?

I kept telling myself, you have to choose how you're going to react…if you choose to react negatively you only make the situation worse. If you choose to keep a positive attitude despite the crying child, and lets be honest, your craving for a soft pretzel at the mall…at best, you'll change the attitude in the car, at worst, you'll have a level head, have practiced self control, and have conquered your emotions at least once today! Hoorah!

And then it hit me…


I had read it, passed it over, was uninspired by it many times over the last week…but today I realized that it applies to everything. It's an action word…and I like that. 

So I'm still going to choose to be fearless in the areas of my life that desperately need it. That being said, I have often allowed my attitude and choices to be a product of my circumstances without consciously thinking about it. It's easy to make excuses for my actions, or lack of, and let my emotions control me…but I do have a choice and I'm going to do my best to choose this year.

Some of my general thoughts on how I will choose…

choose not to let my fear of failure control me.

I choose to let the unimportant things go. 

I choose to embrace imperfection.

I choose to be fearless in my creative outlets.

I choose to be intentional in my relationships.

I choose to take care of myself.

I choose to start projects that I've been putting off.

I choose to fearlessly make decisions and act on them.

I choose to do what's best for my son.

I choose to challenge myself.

I choose to be thankful.

I choose how I will act and react in everyday situations.

I choose to be positive when I could be negative.

I choose to make commitments and keep them. 

That's a lot of expectation, and it most certainly won't happen all at once, or even this year for that matter.

My (ever-changing) plan is to set a few specific goals or intentions each month to help me focus on choosing, along with my general daily focus on the word. 🙂

So let's try this again….Here's to Choosing in 2014! 


P.S. Thank you so much to Debbie and Mark for the awesome new drawing tablet….I'm having so much fun playing with it and writing my word every way possible! 🙂


If you're interested in learning more about One Little Word, see my last post here and check out


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