Catching my Eye – December

December Image - Catching my Eye
1. I just re-discovered this Volcano scented candle at Anthropologie! My college mentor and dear friend had one in her home years ago and I LOVED it! I happened upon it in the store a while back and instantly the name and scent took me back to some incredible memories. Oh, I love a good candle…this one is definitely on my wish list. At the store they had the giant $88 one and I almost died…good to know they come in smaller, more reasonably priced sizes! 🙂 *Read this description…(doesn't it sound heavenly!?): tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens

2. This Ikea Raskog cart has been on my wish list for almost a year now…when I first saw it I didn't have a practical place to utilize it, so (with Nate's help) it was easier to pass it by. Now, with my craft area being moved to a smaller area in the basement, it would be wonderful to fill with with my various jars and embellishments, leaving more table top space for creativity….yes, now I have the perfect spot for it!…needless to say, it's definitely on my Christmas list this year. 🙂

3. I came across this Caldrea Mandarin Vetiver hand soap in a cute little grocery store in Salt Lake a few weeks ago. I instantly fell in love with the awesome refillable glass bottle and I've been dreaming of the scent ever since! …who knew they created a whole cleaning line…ahhh. 

4. The packaging of the At Last scent from Lollia was the first thing that caught my eye in a perfect little boutique in Holladay…can I just say that I love when the packaging is just as gorgeous as the product inside! I tried the Eau De Perfum on my wrist as I walked around the store…ah, so lovely! ….I wish now that I would have tested the shea butter hand cream in this scent, it looks divine.

5. I've been eyeing a drawing tablet like this one for awhile now…it connects to your computer and allows you to draw and write as if you were using an actual pen. This opens a whole new door into personal customization! I think it would be so fun to see what I could add to my current projects.

Well there you have it…just a few things that are catching my eye this month! :) 





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