Currently – November



Eating carne esada for breakfast (Nate's parents bring some each time they come, it's from our favorite "College View" store in CA)…none shall go to waste.

Writing thank you cards for Graham's birthday.

Excited that Graham has started helping me put toys away before nap time…start 'em young!

Working at catching up my PL pages before the holidays begin.

Reading this blog post about Christmas traditions and trying to decide what ours will look like.

Planning Thanksgiving at our house this year.

Wondering if this blog post can help me to better plan and execute our Thanksgiving celebration.

Contemplating how we'll fit 25 people in the dining area.

Celebrating Graham standing and finally bearing weight on his legs at 13 months!

Creating buttons for the sidebar on the blog.

Waking up at 5am for the past few mornings for "me" time…loving it!

Amazed that my brain is actually fairly creative in the dark of the morning.

Cherishing my sweet conversations with Graham and all of his ever-changing sounds.

Finding it hilarious that Graham starts laughs every time I change his poopy diaper, the faces I make must be absolutely horrific…and he is undoubtedly my son, already appreciating bathroom humor. 😉

Cleaning out and organizing my closet to make room for sweaters and scarfs…I clearly need to do this WAY more often.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Be safe…the holiday drivers are back on the road! :/



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