Photoshoot – “Ellerie Claire”

Wow…I have a whole new appreciation for photographers who take quality infant photos!

I offered to take some photos of little Miss Ellerie a few weeks ago. I'm no professional and the best way to get the practice I need is by taking pics of friends and family who will be patient while I learn.

I thought it would be pretty simple, I would take a few practice shots to get my lighting correct, the ideas would come together and of course she would just melt into these cute litle poses you see in the studios. Haha, not quite! 

…I forget that newer babies don't sit still for a minute, they don't look towards the camera or smile on command and they don't have a whole lot of gracefulness when it comes to holding a pose. I took a LOT of flailing arms/legs, bobbing head and crying shots.

I took a lot of not great photos and I have a long way to go, but it was a great experience.  We laughed a lot and it was fun to spend an afternoon with my wonderful friend, Shiloh, and her gorgeous little girl who I'll have the pleasure of watching grow up alongside Graham!


Her face in the photo to the right makes me smile…she isn't laughing yet but I can just imagine her throwing that sweet little head back and letting out a good long chuckle…it won't be long!  If you know her Momma then you know she loves to laugh and I'm guessing Ellerie will catch on quickly!




EllerieCupcakesAren't those the most ADORABLE little cupcakes!? They were hand stitched, all unique, about 15 total by her amazing aunt…what a precious gift!!

My favorite photos are the ones where Ellerie is close to her momma…You can see it in her face that she feels so secure and happy in her arms. 

Thank you again Shiloh for letting me take these!



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