Project Life 2013 – Week 41

01Week 41 -DSC_0081

This is my Project Life spread for week 41 (of the year).  I'm a little behind but I've documented every week throughout 2013 so far and I love being able to look back and remember the little things we did each week, watch Graham grow and have somewhere to put my everyday photos that previously just piled up on my cell phone. 🙂 I enjoy this, it's my thing I do during "my" time, it helps me remember to be thankful for all of the things worth taking pictures of in my life and it challenges me to be creative. If I did not enjoy doing this and it was this looming burden…I would not be doing it every week. So if you're thinking about documenting your life this way, do it because you love the simplicity and don't make it harder than you want it to be. That's the joy of this "scrap booking" system! If you get an entire kit from Becky Higgins Project Life, you can literally just print your 4×6 photos then slip those and the smaller cards that they provide into the page protectors, journal if you want, or don't…and be done! (I sound like a sales person, haha…I just love the product so much!) 

Anyways, I don't always LOVE every weeks spread but I do feel like i'm finally finding my style and trying to simplify the process so there is more focus on the photos and story, and less on the actual embellishments…that being said, I do love all the little doo-dads available and love to dress up the pages a bit. 🙂


01Left page-DSC_0117

This week I didn't have a ton of photos, and since the next week was Graham's b-day, I moved a few back a week so I would have more room for party pics.(That's the great thing about being "behind")


01Right Page-DSC_0120

I've started getting the Studio Calico/Project Life kit each month and I'm loving having some fun unique embellishments….like that gold "love this" rub on…OMG, perfect! (That is a pic of the guys watching a Red Sox game…I love in the moment shots and that one happens to be taken by my good friend Rachelle.)

Hope you're having a great week!



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