DIY Painted Coasters and Mug

We haven't had coasters since we've been married. A few years ago I had this fun idea to fashion coasters from recycled wine corks and they turned out super cute.  The problem was that due to the different sizes of corks and my cutting method, they were not perfectly level…drinks were more likely to topple over while using them, which, of course, totally defeats the purpose. 🙂 I decided to stick with something simple to get the job done.

(I also found a super cute mug at Target that I just couldn't pass up…so I painted that too! I'm started to notice that my three favorite mugs are blue/teal in color. Hmmm.)

I decided to stick with something super simple this first go 'round using the paint.  I think it would be so fun to stencil, monogram or freehand a great design. These would make great personalized gifts! 

Here are the supplies I used: 

Tiles (Home Depot) 

Martha Stewart Craft Paint (Michael's Craft Store)

Modge Podge applicators (Hobby Lobby)

Cork backing (Hobby Lobby – package of 6)

Alcohol and cotton squares (not pictured)

E6000 glue (not pictured) *This glue is super strong and needs to be used well in a well ventilated area. You could also try glue dots or another less toxic glue…this is just what I had on hand.


Here's what I did:

Tutorial combined_edited-1

1. Clean with alcohol

2. Paint your piece (I decided to paint them all a little different…I feel like people are constantly losing thier glasses around here, and maybe (just maybe) people will remember which coaster they had…I know it's a long-shot.)

3. Let dry 1hr

4. Place in cool oven, preheat to 350 and then bake for 30 min to cure for top rack dishwashing (If piece is not oven safe then you need to wait 21 days to "air cure")

5. Let cool in oven

6. Wait 72 hours to use

7. Do any additional glueing at this pont.

8. Enjoy!!

Here they are in use…


And my new favorite mug

001DSC_0163 web


I have never used Martha Stewart paint (or any glass paint for that matter) so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  When I first sponged the paint onto the coaster it bubbled alot.  I did a google search and a few people said that the bubbles would calm as the paint dried so I didn't worry too much but I did try to make it as smooth as possible. The paint did settle a bit but it's not smooth at all…not like I had hoped. I think the issue was my applicator.  If I try this again I will try a different brush/sponge to see if I can achieve a different look. I'm still pleased with how they came out and am excited to use them!

(As I sit here typing, I realize that I'm not using a coaster under my glass…I suppose I need to use them if they're going to do their job.)

Here's more info on the paint I used and all of it's applications/curing, etc.

 *All opinions are my own, I was not asked to review this product.




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