Couch Love: Finally finding “the one”…

We moved into our current home over a year ago now and the front room has always bothered me.  It's not big enough to be a tv room and its too small for all of the furniture we moved with…so it's remained this weird empty-ish room, which also happens to be the first thing you see upon entering. Bleh. 

Earlier this year we were finally ready to paint and I had this brilliant plan to move our leather couch from our tv room upstairs into the front room and create a beautiful gallery styled wall above it. I did things a little backwards…(as you'll begin to notice, I'm only just starting to learn how to decorate and I'm learning a lot of lessons the hard way)…I was so excited to start that I designed and hung my gallery wall before actually measuring the depth of the couch and realizing that it is HUGE and ridiculously bulky… clearly meant for a large tv room. How did I not see this!? (My husband and father are amazing and carried that big ol' thing down a flight of stairs…and then back up.) I wish I had a picture to show you how ri-diculous it looked. I was embarrassed that the original idea even crossed my mind. 

Fast forward to September…I was considering giving up on the room altogether when I came across the most perfect little couch at World Market…I just discovered this place. After measuring/re-measuring, taping the floor and getting the hubby's opinion I was so excited to purchase the couch and finally have a functioning front room. It was out of stock so I got a rain check and after what seemed like forever (2 months!) I finally got the call!! It had arrived AND had a 25% off coupon running on all furniture…perfect!!

So here it is….I'm finally so happy with how the room is shaping up. It's what I had been dreaming of. I'm looking for another great indoor plant and I'm going to create a large black and white art piece to go over the couch (I'm still deciding what that will look like).  For now, this is 1 million times better than it was!

001DSC_0232 - web

Here is the room before and after (real life style…baby, toys and all!)

Before and after_edited-1

We moved the big chair to master bedroom, pulled the bench and other small furniture from other areas in the house and purchased the plant hanger and side table also on sale at World Market (…did I mention that I'm loving that place).

I love that when we decorate one room, we end up re-decorating all of the other rooms.  It's a fun constant shift as we find our style. 

Thanks for reading!!




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