Photography Confessions

Camera bw_small

 I just learned how
to change the f/stop and aperture setting on my camera about a month ago. When
Nate gave me the camera a few birthdays back my plan was to avoid the
"auto" button and learn all of the manual settings. Instead, I let
the task totally intimidate me. I have been fiddling with window blinds in the auto
(no flash) setting and waiting for the perfect time of day to take pics for months now trying to get quality photos and failing! Finally
taking the time to learn this setting has opened my eyes to so much possibility and
challenged me to improve my skills…I'm super excited!

Button small
Confession 2: I bought this wireless
camera remote
 back in April. I was so excited to purchase it after
seeing this
 by Elise Blaha, one of my favorite bloggers EVER! I told
Nate about it and how awesome it would be to take more photos of Graham and I
together….and then it arrived. Setting it up was on my "to do" list
for weeks and I put it off dreading that it would require difficult setup. After
a while I stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it…until today, when I saw the
"remote release" setting on my camera.  I decided to see what it
did.  I pulled out the little remote, removed the plastic battery activation tab and pushed
the button…and after a 2 second delay, it did something so incredible…it
took a photo…unbelievable!! It only took me 8 months to push that silly
button…8 months! 

Lesson learned…Stop over-thinking it and just start!


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