Why a blog?

 Why a blog photo_edited-1

I feel like I'm jumping on this blogging bandwagon a little late in the game, but that's ok.

I guess the quick and vague answer is…it was something that I had thought about for a very long time and now it seems right and sort of just fell into place in my mind.

The long answer is…I need this. (ok, maybe that's shorter and even more vauge.)

I needed a place to write, to create, to share. A place that is mine. A place where anything can happen…a place to start believing in me again. I needed a place to be challenged on a different level, a place to be patient knowing that I can do this, and at the same time know that whatever "this" is, wont happen quickly.  I have to let it become what it will…and still, in the meantime, start as I would mean to go. That's why I've just jumped in…that's why I'm beginning right where my previous non-blogged thoughts left off. Thats why a blog. 

So there you have it…sometimes I can't really put into words what I think, so I start writing…and sometimes something real and extremely vulnerable comes out. 🙂


{photos by pamtography}


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