Playing with nature…a leaf confetti update

01 DSC_0078 - edit cropped
I am so excited about how these turned out! I had a few extra minutes during nap time a few days ago and decided to see if I could pull something together quickly using the confetti I punched here.


I had some old projector film laying around so I used that as my base and just sewed right into it. I didn't have too much of a plan and just enjoyed playing with different designs.
I'm planning to use these in my Project Life pockets but I think the leaves would also be so adorable sewed onto greeting cards. 


For the first two cards I used two pieces to press the leaves between and sewed thru both. On the others I just used one and sewed the leaves on top…i'm pressing these right now so the leaves dont curl at the edges. 🙂
01 DSC_0074 - brighter edit
If you're going to sew thru the leaves I would definitely recommend doing it while they're still fresh and pliable, and press them once complete. If you're just sewing around the leaves you could use pre-pressed leaves/flowers that are already fully dry. 


They are all so fun but I'm loving the third one with the heart strands right now! For a closer look at the individual cards, click here.


Have an amazing day!

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