Around Here

Long strip_edited-2

Focusing on enjoying the little things…collecting small bottles, putting flowers in them and placing them around the house to add color. (I found the green ceramic vases at Smith's Marketplace on double clearance…steal deal!!) Adding leaves from our little oak tree to make it feel fall-ish. I've never been one to decorate much for the different seasons/holidays (except for Christmas) so this is it for me…I'm pretty happy with my little centerpiece. 

Our little man was a dragon for Halloween. At this age, it's really just about me wanting to see him all cute and dressed up…he's not old enough to understand the concept of trick or treating and I'd feel kind of weird going door to door asking for candy knowing full well that I'm just using him as my little candy pon. 😉 He got a kick out of the costume and seeing his little hands move the little claws so we ran a few errands with him all dressed up so I could show him off and then we stayed in and had pizza. 

Birthday outfits are the best and turning 1 definitely deserves some awesome suspenders!! Love this pic of him trying to pull them off. He's getting so big, this reminds me, we definitely need to get some family pics done…

I finally got around to dressing up the shelves in the nursery. Adding stamped tags and twine added the perfect little touch. 

This past weekend we had no plans…it was wonderful. I normally love to do and getting out of the house on the weekend but it seems like it has been ages since we haven't had a single thing on the calendar. It was rejuvinating and nice to spend time together and run around town with no real agenda…besides feeding a baby. 🙂



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