About me…

Hi, I’m Gisele…wife, mother and new writer of this blog. 🙂

I live in Utah with my husband Nate, our son Graham, and Frank…our Rottewieiler.

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Nate and I have been married since 2009 (best decision ever!) We have owned 2 homes since then. We can never seem to stop remodelling…it’s an addiction and most certainly a love-hate relationship.

Why a blog? You can read more about that here.

Why the name? “Chez Gisele”

I once dreamed of having a restaurant called “Chez Gisele” and it just stuck! I don’t really love/excel at cooking, so this blog gets the honor. 🙂 Maybe someday i’ll own a quaint little coffee shop with rich green vines crawling the brick exterior, tucked away on a quiet street under canopies of giant trees…sounds iddylic right?

Bw cup o' coffee
Random things about me: 

  • I love and knowingly over-use ellipses… they just make sense and feel so right…it bothers my husband sometimes…but I just can’t stop… 😉
  • I talk extremely fast in person, sometimes leaving out part or all of certain words to get it out quicker…my mouth just can-not keep up with my thoughts!
  • I love all things creative! I have taken a smattering of college ceramic, watercolor, music and design classes and love to try different techniques to create a style… I’m coming to accept that I may, after all, be a “jack of all trades and master of none”.  
  • I drink 1 cup of (cinnamon flavored) coffee  each morning with vanilla creamer…it’s my recipe for success. If I don’t get said cup, the hubby can tell, and it’s not good.
  • If I’m out and about, my Starbucks drink is a Cinnamon Dolce with lots of whip’ (<—-this is a must). Depending on the weather I get a latte or frappaccino…this has been my drink for about 7 years…woah, clearly i’m committed! 

        …And if i’ve had too much coffee that day…then it’s the Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte.

  • My name is French (usually pronounced Jiz-elle, or if you’re my mother or want to say it correctly it’s zhee-zelle), I am not French but my mother lived there for a few years and I’m named after a few of her friends. I took French in high school (parlez vous française?…no) and I’ve been to France once…I’d love to go back again someday! 

Thanks for reading and welcome to my life, journey and the way I see things! 🙂