Catching my Eye – November

November Image FINAL

1. I'm thinking about finally biting the bullet and upgrading to the new iPhone 5s. Nate got the new 5 when they first came out quite a while ago and athough I was due for my upgrade I just didn't think it was that much better.  After that last software update I'm starting to really see a difference (super slow and constant freezing up…do they do that on purpose so you'll upgrade??) and I keep stealing Nate's phone to take pics because there is a noticeable difference. 🙂 Perhaps it's time…

2. This scarf is even cuter in person and SO soft…I was supposed to be shopping for a friends birthday recently when it distracted me…it took everything in me to walk away but I did it!  I'm loving this color right now and cool weather=scarves everywhere!

3. LOVING this watch!! I never would have thought to buy a watch this color (when it comes to style I'm often weary to spend money if i'm not 100% certain) but I saw an employee wearing it and it was love at first sight! I've been eyeing it for a few months now, staring through the glass store display, adoring its femine nature and hoping that it would stop appealling to me after a while…it didn't work. I was thinking this would definitely be an item for the Christmas list but my sweet hubby ended up getting it for me on a whim!! Ah…he's pretty amazing! He quickly realized, when I went a whole day without setting it to the correct time, that I wasn't as interested in telling time as I was in the way that rosegold shone in the light and little gems sparkled…its so pretty!

4. I'm on the search for the perfect Red Sox hat…and I'm a bit picky. I love this one with the worn in relaxed look but they are out of stock…makes sense due to thier World Series victory. I just started watching baseball this past season and I'm way more into it than I ever imagined. (More on baseball later and my denial to being a "bandwagoner") ;) 

5. These DIY gold polka dot mugs are killing me, they are just so cute, classy and crisp…and I have a thing for really great mugs.  I have a plan to use this diy style/method for a craft this next week so watch for that!

Ok, my original plan was just to "highlight" a few things I'm loving right now with a few pics and this turned into a whole giant post with probably far too many details… 🙂 I'm planning to do a new "Catching my Eye" edition each month so stay tuned. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!



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