Embracing Fall and Pinterest Leaf Confetti

I'm not a huge lover of Fall…

I mean, I see the reasons that everyone loves it…the cool fresh air, the gorgeous hue drenched mountainsides, colorful leaves floating about the yard, the return of hot drinks after a summer chalked full of frappaccinnos, the seasonal closet rotation where everything feels new after being tucked away, the breeze through the open windows…ok, who am I kidding, Autumn really is a beautiful thing.

The problem is that quickly after Fall follows Winter. I do not like the cold, the dreary, the ugly grey smog that we here call "inversion", the lack of leaves, the whitening of my skin and the mood shift I experience as I yearn for the sun and heat to return every year. Because of that, I spend so much time in denial that Winter is on it's way that I forget to really enjoy the beauty all around…so this year I've done a few things to embrace the transition. 🙂 Here is one small thing I did to enjoy the the little things…

Yesterday I just couldn't resist picking a few of these beautiful leaves off our lawn. I've been seeing this leaf punch lately on Pinterest and I thought I'd try making some confetti to use in one of my weekly Project Life layouts.

01 DSC_0085-edit 01 DSC_0130 -edit


Punch and confetti
Confetti pile
Look at those beauties!! I love the detail and imperfections each one has…like mini masterpieces. It worked well punching the shapes while the leaves were fresh and still pliable. I hope they work well in my layout.  My only concern is that if they start to crumble after turning the page numerous times I will be left with more of a "mulch"…I'll have to do some durability testing. :) 

UPDATE 11/6/13: Click here to see how I used them and for a few tips.

I hope you find time to enjoy the Fall season! 



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